• Switchboards & Mains Upgrades

    switch_boardsThere are many reasons why your home or office may require a switchboard upgrade with factors like air conditioning installations and renovations being very common. If your switchboard is old or uses fuses that you re-wire you may need to upgrade to and install circuit breakers and safety switches to protect your family or staff members.Safety switches monitor the flow of electricity through a circuit and if a problem is found which may pose a risk to personal safety, it will turn the power off within 0.30 of a second.

    Mains cable upgrades are often required to cope with the demands of everyday home expansion and if the current mains cables have reached capacity, the switchboard and existing cables can overheat causing safety issues including risk of fire.

    Rodgers Electrical Pty Ltd has performed many switchboard and mains upgrades usingthe highest quality circuit protection to ensurethat our customers experience many years of reliability.

    At Rodgers Electrical Pty Ltd, we are more than happy to inspect your switchboard and suggest a course of action which will improve the safety of your home or business. All of our works are fully certified and come with a certificate of electrical safety and the guarantee that they are working efficiently and protecting your property.

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